HHCC, Inc. is a General Construction Contracting and Plumbing Contracting that has served Austin and Central Texas for many Years.

During 1989 Bill Fowler, a long time Austin resident and University of Texas graduate founded HHCC. Bill Fowler’s long journey in the construction business began in 1964 when he took his first construction job, on the end of shovel for a concrete contractor. Fowler progressed in his construction expertise, becoming a carpenter, a carpenter foreman, job superintendent and project manager before finally forming HHCC. Along the way, Fowler developed a deep respect and appreciation for all trades and processes involved in building a complex project.

HHCC’s humble beginning started as “one man, working out of one truck”. As HHCC’s reputation for creating quality construction projects spread, so did HHCC’s growth as evidenced by the awards received.

The Lobby Restoration, National AIA Award for the Best Historic Restoration
• Lone Star Award for the Best Historic Restoration in Texas 2000
• Austin Impact Award for the Best Historic Restoration in Austin
• Austin Chronical Award- Best Historic Restoration
• Austin Downtown Business Alliance Award
• Design Build of The 1886 Café and Bakery, Lone Star Award Best Historic Restoration in Texas
• 2001 Lone Star Award- Best Commercial Remodel in the Centex Region for Westgate Building
• Lone Star Award for the Best Historic Restoration in Texas 2002
• Austin Impact Award Best Historic Restoration
• Downtown Business Alliance Award

During 1997 Fowler ventured into Plumbing Contracting in addition to his well established construction contracting business. HHCC incorporated during 1999. In 2000 HHCC moved their headquarters to a 30 acre campus at 6168 Turnersville Road, near Buda, Texas.

During 2005 HHCC purchased Triton Mechanical and started into HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) business. Also during 2005 HHCC started their Electrical Division from the ground up. HHCC was now one of the very few construction companies that also had full Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing capabilities in house.

In 2008 HHCC had their best year ever, and then the financial meltdown and the Great Recession fell upon us. Most Construction Companies were hit hard by the Great Recession. HHCC was no exception. HHCC employed over 100 skilled tradesmen, with the necessary support staff. HHCC also had 6 satellite offices. These offices were closed and all operations moved to the main headquarters. HHCC made a decision to alter its business plan and rely on their traditional strengths, General Construction Contracting and Plumbing Contracting.

In 2013 HHCC sold the HVAC Division to Climate Mechanical. The following year HHCC sold its Electrical Division to Star Lighting.

During 2014 HHCC celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Bill Fowler returned to the Construction and Plumbing business for the main reason he got into it in the first place. Construction and Plumbing are engaging and rewarding occupations.

State Board of Plumbing Examiners
929 East 41st. Street, Austin, Texas 87851