Construction Services

HHCC has our Own Crews of Multi-Talented Craftsmen, with Top Notch Supervision that are able to perform most Construction Tasks, without the need for Subcontracting this work. Listed below is a sample of the Work we routinely perform In-House.


Occasionally special circumstances may require the use of outside Contractors, such as accelerated schedules or if any of our trades are committed to other projects. HHCC has formed strategic alliances with select subcontractors to call on to handle nearly any situation which may arise. HHCC has the ability to provide excellent value in regards to Construction Services. We have the insight to analyze a project and offer suggestions to value engineer the project to maximize the design intent while keeping costs a major consideration.

Construction Capabilities and Experience

Since 1989 HHCC has established its reputation for producing a well crafted, value engineered, and on time project. HHCC is a full service construction company that will handle the most demanding of projects. HHCC’s typical construction projects include high end residential, commercial, industrial and institutional. HHCC’s projects range from a simple service call to a multi million project. The majority of the work that HHCC performs is remodeling, renovations and alterations. HHCC is also known to produce outstanding ground up new construction projects. HHCC has a large group of employees that can perform just about any construction trade or task. For this reason, many clients have grown to depend on HHCC for their emergency needs and projects requiring a rapid response.

Repairs, Alterations and Additions

HHCC excels in any kind of construction that involves Repairs, Alterations, and Additions. Our success in this work can be mainly attributed to our dedicated, skilled and motivated employees.

HHCC has numerous years of experience in this type of work. The cumulative amount of knowledge and experience in all aspects of this work is enormous. There simply are not many construction tasks, building trades, building structures and systems that we have not yet encountered and mastered. HHCC is unique in that we have our own in-house employees that are experts in analyzing and performing as well the usual construction trades.

HHCC also is blessed with excellent, intelligent, knowledgeable and motivated supervisors, and support staff. HHCC is available for all your construction needs. To request more information, schedule an appointment or request service: PLEASE CLICK HERE.