To Our Fellow General Contractors

HHCC performs certain work for other General Contractors. We have many excellent relationships where we consistently perform our work as a Subcontractor. There is always a little trepidation when using another General Contractor as a Subcontractor on your projects. We wish to put these concerns to rest. HHCC will not attempt to steal your customer. There is plenty of work to go around. Integrity is far more valuable than gaining another customer. HHCC will not interfere or jeopardize your relationship with your client. You, the General Contractor, are our customer and we answer to you. HHCC will make all attempts to make you look great in the performance of your project. HHCC, being a General Contractor, has a special sympathy for the challenges you and other General Contractors face daily. HHCC expects you to treat us, as we treat our own Subcontractors - with honesty and respect. If you succeed with your project, HHCC succeeds as well.

HHCC is available for all your construction needs. To request more information, schedule an appointment or request service: PLEASE CLICK HERE.