Driskill Restaurant Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend HHCC for the prestigious Lone Star Award under the category of best historic restoration.

The 1886 Cafe & Bakery project began in concept over two years ago, and HHCC was an instrumental part of the planning process. Their commitment to quality and respect for the historic integrity of the project has been admirable. From restoring the original floors and saving the original wood paneling, to minimizing demolition and replicating our last original window in two other locations, they have been dedicated partners in this project.

Perhaps the best way to appreciate their contribution is to highlight just one of the many challenges they successfully tackled in this endeavor. Significant structural issues occurred due to the necessity of building a new electrical vault and refrigeration building next to the original structure. There was only a small-shared alley that could be used as a staging area for cranes and equipment. During the process of excavation, we also found a city storm drain that bowed across the property line and an abandoned cistern that surprised all the engineers and changed the entire construction plan. HHCC offered creative cost effective solutions to these hurdles and kept the project on course and on budget.

I do hope the nominating committee will take into account the fact that all their work was performed in a full luxury hotel. The Driskill operates 24 hours a day and has guests who sleep late, require water and power at all hours, and expect to conduct meetings all day in a quiet environment. They don't expect to see or hear construction personnel, nor do our neighbors or vendors expect to be inconvenienced due to our restoration work.

Thank you for your consideration of HHCC for The Lone Star Award.


Jeffrey Trigger
Managing Director The Driskill