Fire Hydrant Inspection & Repair

Who Would Think a Fire Hydrant Could Get You Into a Heap of Trouble?

Most Property Managers are not aware the City of Austin has been aggressively enforcing Ordinances requiring owners of private fire hydrants to have their hydrants tested and ciertified annually. If you have one on your property, it is probably a private one.

Why is it a Good Idea to have your Fire Hydrant Tested & Certified Annually?

Apartments have burned down because of non-operable Fire Hydrants (some estimates indicate as many as 40 percent of Fire Hydrants are not functional). Fire Fighters have been killed or seriously injured by malfunctioning hydrants. The information we provide, tells the fighters how much water they have available to fight your inferno.

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Annual Certification is Required by Law.

If not flushed, the water in the hydrants tends to stagnate, resulting in unpleasant taste and odor. Your insurer often uses information we provide in establishing your premium. The valves tend to seize up, if not operated regularly. This can lead to costly future repairs.

Why Choose HHCC, Inc?

Registered and Certified with the City of Austin as Private Fire Hydrant Contractor. We provide repairs, if needed, as well as Testing and Certification. We flush your Hydrants, Lubricate Caps, and Valve Mechanism. We are an active member of the Austin Apartment Association. Qualified technitions which are dispatched to remedy your worries and HHCC Inc currently has four Master Plumbers.


No Worries. Your Certifications will always be current. We handle all the City of Austin's Red Tape. This keeps you trouble free. With a Service Contract our certification price will not escalate for five years.

Call us and we will come to your site and provide a FREE SURVEY!

Why is it a good idea to have your fire hydrant tested & certified annually?

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