Plumbing Service and Repairs

Repair Plumbing is perhaps the most challenging type of work in the plumbing profession. Good Repair Plumbers must have the experience, knowledge and problem solving skills to diagnose and troubleshoot any plumbing problem. Repair Plumbers also require excellent practical skills to quickly and safely make repairs on complex plumbing systems. Repairs are often necessary on older plumbing systems, which have exceeded their expected service life, requiring much ingenuity and improvisation. Repair Plumbers are called upon to work at all times during the day and night, under some of the harshest environmental conditions. Furthermore, Repair Plumbers must also have good customer care skills. HHCC’s licensed Plumbers and Drain Technicians proudly meet these challenges.


• Pipe Stoppages
• Drain Cleaning
• Video Camera Pipe Inspection
• Water Piping
• Water Heaters & Boilers
• Leak Detection & Repairs
• Insurance Claim Work
• BackFlow Preventers
• Pressure Balancing & Reducing
• Grease & Sand Traps
• Commercial Fixtures
• Under Slab Leaks Re-Piping
• Faucets
• Sewer Lines
• Gas Lines
• Toilets
• Bathtubs & Showers
• Appliance Connections
• Washer Drains
• Kitchen Drains
• Pumps
• Storm Drains
• Roof Drains
• Fire Hydrants
• Pumps & Valves

Plumbing Emergencies always seem to happen at the worst time, for example during Thanksgiving, when a customer has a houseful of guests attending festivities. HHCC is available for your Plumbing Emergency.

To Schedule Routine, Non-Emergency Repairs or Service Work, Please Click Here.

Maintenance Contracts

When Disasters Strikes
  • HHCC Responds to your Emergency Quickly & Repairs The Problem
  • Water, Sewage, Extraction/Drying/Sanitation/ by our Qualified Technicians
  • If Necessary, HHCC inc. will assist you in your Insurance Claims
  • Construction Division Repairs Damage to a Pre-Loss Condition