Restaurant Construction involves a much higher level of complexity than is found in most other commercial construction projects. For this reason it is extremely important to have an experienced, knowledgeable contractor, with their own in-house resources, such as HHCC, Inc.

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A typical restaurant project involves extensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing work, along with work by other trades and artisans who add the elements to create the ambiance the restaurant will be known for. Further complexities involve A.D.A. compliance, health department codes, fire department codes, structural issues, appropriate lighting & acoustics, energy conservation, grease waste disposal, cooking vapors & smoke venting, furniture, fixtures and equipment, among others. These complexities require a carefully orchestrated ballet of tradesmen working together in the confines of a small space. It is not unusual to experience the time constraints of an ambitious schedule, with an unmovable opening date. HHCC has experienced personnel, most of them in house employees, to address all of these issues.

HHCC is able to provide the most value to our Restaurant Construction clients if we get involved in your project early on, in the conceptual stage. HHCC can anticipate potential design problems and help you navigate through mine fields in the development process. HHCC will assist you in establishing a realistic project budget. Often considerable savings are realized through extensive value engineering, assuring you get the biggest bang for your buck. HHCC also is happy to provide guidance in the selection of furniture, fixtures, equipment and the finishes required to create the desired atmosphere to make your restaurant a success.

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