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Water Damage occurs when a sudden release of water floods your home or property. Sources range from overflowing sinks and toilets, to clogged drains, and pipe breaks. Other sources of water damage may be slab leaks, appliance malfunctions, severe weather occurrences and somewhat surprisingly, fire suppression (many times more damage is caused by the water used to put out a fire, than the fire itself).

A typical HHCC water restoration project involves the following phases of work to restore a structure to pre loss condition:

Stopping the flow of water and thoroughly drying affected materials is crucial to prevent Mold growth. One the main requirement for Mold growth is a source of moisture. Molds require moisture to mature and can develop within 24 to 48 hours of a water incident


Delays in removing the water and promptly restoring the affected areas could lead to serious structural property damage. Such damage is progressive and complicates recovery unless measures are taken immediately.

Sewage & black water intrusions require special consideration as they are a severe health threat in indoor environments. This threat can be particularly serious to the elderly, children and those with immune system or respiratory problems. Sewage and black water (water from external source such as a flood from a lake, river, ocean etc.) can contain a deadly cocktail of pathogens such Hepatitis Viruses, Salmonella, e-coli, cholera, and bacillary dysentery, among many other Pathogens. The longer the contamination continues to persist, the greater the potential for microbial development.

Porous materials, such as carpet, pad, upholstery, bedding, wicker, paper goods, or fabrics that can't be washed in hot water, must be disposed of safely.

Partially sewage-flooded buildings are unsafe for habitation. Contaminated areas must be completely sealed off to prevent cross-contamination of other areas.

Toilet Overflow

Once the water is extracted, and after contents, finishes and portions of the structure that could not be saved were removed the next process begins.

It is imperative the remaining ambient moisture be removed through evaporation and dehumidification to tolerable levels, otherwise moisture caused damage will persist. Evaporation of moisture to the atmosphere (air) is accomplished by the use of powerful specialized fans. This moisture is then removed from the air by the use of high production dehumidification equipment. The process of drying is carefully monitored using sophisticated psychometric equipment.

Finally materials, finishes and structural components that were damaged must be replaced to a pre-loss condition. HHCC is in a unique position to perform this work, as they have most of the building trades on staff, as employees. HHCC will gladly assist you in navigating through the difficulties encountered when filing an insurance claim.

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