Why Choose HHCC?

HHCC has established its reputation for producing a well-crafted, value-engineered and on-time project. HHCC is a full-service construction company and plumbing company, handling the most demanding of projects.

HHCC’s typical construction projects include high-end residential, commercial, industrial and institutional work. HHCC’s projects range from a simple service call to multi-million dollar projects. HHCC is particularly renowned for their remodeling, renovation and alteration projects. HHCC is also known to produce outstanding ground-up new construction projects.

HHCC has a large group of employees that can perform just about any construction trade or task. For this reason, many clients have grown to depend on HHCC for their emergency needs and projects requiring a rapid response.

Established Company

  • Since 1989, HHCC has successfully completed many thousands of jobs.
  • Repeat Customers and Referrals have been our mainstay.

Great Value

  • HHCC often provides substantial Cost Reduction through Value Engineering.
  • Savings can usually be realized by Multi Tasking Crews Vs. Multiple Subcontractors.

Good Experience

  • HHCC strives to make the Customer's Experience exciting pleasant, instead of stressful.
  • Courteous and Respectful employees that understand your concerns.

Employee Based Business Plan

HHCC has cross trained Crews that can handle just about any type of work
Construction Work: Excavation, Concrete, Carpentry, Drywall, Painting,
Cabinets, Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Stone, Metal Framing & Welding, Structural Drying.
Plumbing, work performed by our own licensed technicians.


  • For the work that is not performed by own crews, we use Subcontractors.
  • We treat our subs as family. Our subs also value their relationship with us in turn provide extraordinary service to us.
  • We understand the vulnerabilies problems that Subcontractors face when dealing with General Contractors because we also Subcontract some phases of our work to other General Contractors.
  • HHCC frequently performs Subcontract Work for other General Contractors. So we understand your concerns issues very well.

Risk Reduction

  • Bonding: HHCC has never been called on any type of bond.
  • HHCC Protects you with Great General Liability Insurance.
  • Our workers Compensation Insurance Modifier is an extremely low 0.68, exemplifying safety.
  • HHCC employees are all protected with workers Compensation Insurance.

HHCC Guiding Principles

  • Deliver a consistently superior product and at the same time a satisfactory experience for our Customers.
  • Foster an environment that creates a can do attitude. Do whatever it takes to get the job done, properly, the first time.
  • Insist upon Integrity, Honesty and Ethics in all aspects of business.
  • Create an Environment where Employees at all levels enjoy coming to work.
  • Strive to maintain a motivating, fun atmosphere with continual possibilities for self improvement of all Employees.
  • Always be Respectful and Courteous to our Customers. Without our Customers, We do not exist. Exceptional Customer Service Always.
  • Encourage Inventive & Clever Thinking. Recognize the Problem Solvers.
  • Always Think of Safety. Look out for All.

HHCC is available for all your construction needs. To request more information, schedule an appointment or request service: PLEASE CLICK HERE